Today :  11/14/2019

Primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID) are rare and heterogeneous group of disease. Many primary immunodeficiencies were  first described as clinical syndromes, usually recognized in children who became unwell with progressive infections of particular organ systems or compartments and with certain characteristic types of pathogen. PID are different from acquired diseases of the immune system such as HIV/AIDS. In recent years, the molecular basis of many of the primary (genetically inherited) immunodeficiencies has been elucidated at the protein and genetic levels.E

Epidemiological studies have shown wide geographical and racial variation in the prevalence and patterns of immunodeficiency disorders.  In attempts to address and to provide an estimate of the prevalence of these disorders in Iran, the Iranian Primary Immunodeficiency Registry (IPIDR) was established in 1999. The Registry is currently being expanded and is a part of IAARI (Immunology, Asthma & Allergy Research Institute).


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